Consultation, Support and Labor for Nuclear Decommissioning projects worldwide.


ALARA planning and decommissioning strategies


Engineering support and historical design file library


Complete radiation detection and planning services

Transco Products Success in Decommissioning

Transco’s products can be found in every active Commercial Nuclear Facility in the US and a result of this long-term success is an equally lengthy list of stored, historical design files for these facilities. Transco has thousands of design files dating back to the birth of the commercial nuclear industry. These files and drawings have been digitized and stored for safe keeping and easy retrieval.

This extensive library and our sterling record in nuclear installation projects, set Transco apart in quickly growing industry as one of the best resources for decommissioning support. Whether you need some missing drawings from the 50 years ago or you need the onsite labor and support to safely decommission a nuclear facility, Transco has what you need.

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